Are the Walking Dead Cards Legal in Commander

When Secret Lair TWD was revealed, players didn`t know where they could play these new cards in the first place. On the other hand, there were players who immediately realized how revolutionary these Secret Lair cards could be in certain formats. Secret Lair cards are legal in Legacy, Vintage and Commander. In fact, cards like Rick, Steadfast Leader have already played in legacy decks. I don`t really know how to react to it. It shakes my heart to see the RC give in and not resist corporate greed. One thing I`ve always loved about EDH is that WotC had no say and I hoped it would stay true. I know this may seem exaggerated and melodramatic, I know. But to see how many people were outraged, to see how many noisy parishioners condemned the practice and the precedent for it. We wanted you, one of the many who could fight it.

Shake with pictorial characters at Wizards to be better. I`m sorry to say, but to say that you used the connection with them to talk about it and get them to support your decision is not difficult when they know you`re going to go in their favor. It may not have happened that way, but we don`t know and we can`t know. I`m sorry, but these cards, this practice and your indirect support make me sick. I often imagine that in the good old days, WotC was a company of «nerds» who made a game for «nerds». But for now, it seems that MTG is increasingly becoming a pocket game of money from a money-focused company. Critics of the controversial announcement of the Magic: The Gathering crossover with The Walking Dead quickly dashed their hopes of a turnaround by one of the card game`s leading designers. For those who need a bit of context, fans of the Magic subreddit discovered earlier this week in Gatherer`s official database that every card included in the Secret Lair drop had undergone a change in legality. Instead of being eligible to play in the Commander format, the list of exclusions revealed that each of the five cards – Glenn, Rick, Negan, Michonne and Daryl – was no longer usable in any set of rules. 9.

«The main purpose of these cards is almost certainly to attract new players. Wizards hopes to attract some Walking Dead fans to Magic, and any interest from Commander players is just a small bonus. » – ok, so this part, more than any other, led me to conclude that this whole statement was written in bad faith. This is not a reason in hell that the purpose of an unaffordable and extremely rare product that is unplayable on its own (i.e. it is not a fully functional deck) is to attract new players. One would have to be foolish to implement or believe such a strategy. I`m sure you RC and WOTC are not idiots, you are clearly very smart. WOTC knows exactly what they are doing (targeting commanders and whales). Since you have included this part, it leads me to the conclusion that you are deliberately trying to mislead people and defend WOTC`s despicable behavior. EDH has more than 20,000 playable cards, and in 2 years this number will have reached more than 21,000, if «500 cards» were made, we would probably exceed the 22,500 mark, just depending on the number of new cards to do so. It is the violation of a promise. A promise from Wizards to stop making mechanically unique cards in a product that is not readily available to the consumer base.

That`s the biggest part of that conversation. How Wizards ignores the ability of the fan base to voice their concerns and instead thinks first about their bottom line and then the overall health of the product they present. There is a general exhaustion that Wizards does not listen to the community and instead exacerbates each problem by reacting in opposite ways. First of all, I want to pay tribute to the Rules Committee for managing the format that I play and love exclusively. However, I believe that this decision was not in the best interest of us, the players. I could go into the details of what I do not agree with that answer, but I do not think I am going to say anything that has not already been said. I just want to add my name to the list of dissatisfied commander players. These cards should be banned for the health of the format. If the cards were lined with money or reskins, your girlfriend could still play with them.

If they were banned in Commander, you and your girlfriend could still play with them. But people in Latin America can`t buy them, nor can people who miss the week-long window. They simply used more words to communicate, but the result is the same. WotC can simply continue as it does, while naivety can thrive in the community. This is nothing more than the legalization of corporate greed, which is ultimately detrimental to gambling. We do not think it is productive to try to prevent that. If you don`t like it, we help you not to play with the cards. The introduction of a different IP opens Commander to an audience that may have never heard of Magic or the format. We welcome new friends we haven`t met yet. Availability – why are Mox banned in HRE? I`d rather play a Sol Ring than a Mox Jet. The card is blocked due to AVAILABILITY.

For the same reason, I want these cards to be banned. I can`t access them, I can`t even buy them if I have money and I really want it (why should a child from South Africa or Latin America stop playing HRE because of this inconsequential business sale decision?). The opportunities are no longer the same! – and the EDH ecosystem will be completely unbalanced! The main purpose of these cards is almost certainly to attract new players. Wizards hopes to attract some Walking Dead fans to Magic, and any interest from Commander players is just a small bonus. While I have read your response and the rationale for your decision not to ban these cards on Day 0, I have the impression that you have completely overlooked one of the main concerns that have been raised.

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